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Class 5/7 Graduated Licensing Program

Fast Track Your Way to Becoming a New Driver
For almost 20 years, Taylor Pro College has provided ICBC-approved driver training programs. We are here to help learners gain the skills required to navigate their way to becoming a Class 5/7 driver.

Be Ready for BC’s
Ever-Changing Roadways

The Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) in British Columbia was designed by industry professionals to improve the skill development of new drivers and to prevent on-road incidents.
Discover your independence! With Taylor Pro College’s Class 5/Class 7 GLP, you will learn the skills and form the habits you require to become a safe, more efficient and confident driver.
Successful completion of our ICBC-approved Graduated Licensing Program provides students a 6-month reduction on the ICBC Novice or “N” license stage and earns you two (2) high school credits.
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Going Green with the GLP
In 2022, Taylor Pro College takes the GLP to a whole new level by making TESLA cars available to its students. Using TESLA for the course signifies Taylor Pro College’s commitment to promoting sustainability and environmentally green practices in driver training.
Elevate Your Driver Learning Experience with the Class 5/7 GLP
Throughout the duration of your program, you will learn the following driver skills and responsibilities:
Program Inclusions
Learn from Our Friendly and Experienced Driving Instructors
Whether you are working towards getting your Class 5 or just starting with obtaining your Class 7 License, our driving instructors are willing to shape your driving experience at the optimal level. We have calm, courteous and knowledgeable driving instructors who will work with you to develop safe driving habits and the skills that will help you gain control of driving on the road for life.

CAD $1,350

Students have the option to have the on-road lessons completed in a Tesla. Gasoline-powered cars are also available.
Contact us to book your Graduated Licensing Program and experience learning in a TESLA.