Commercial Driver Training

Taylor Pro Training is well known for its professional driver training programs, which equips the Okanagan region with the best drivers and driving instructors. We offer a variety of courses for Class 1 to Class 5/7 license training. An initial assessment test is done to determine which program is best for the students’ experience and level.

Our Programs

This 3-week program involves 88 hours of training. It will equip students with the skill and confidence to drive any semi-trailer trucks by giving them clear and concise hands-on and on-the-road training.

Students in this 12-week program will undergo 240 hours of training that includes mountain driving and air brake theory.

This 5.2-week program, involving 104 hours of training, is designed to help students who want more than just a Class 1 license. It is considered a career-building program.

In this 4.3-week program, students will go through 86 hours of training that includes an air brake theory class, and the ICBC-administered “Rules of the Road” theory class.

Designed to condition students for an entry-level driving position, this program makes use of a full-sized highway tractor with a standard transmission and a loaded trailer for training.

This program provides 16 hours of training for students seeking to obtain a license to drive a bus, including a school bus, a special activity bus, a highway coach, a transit bus, or any class 4 vehicle (restricted and unrestricted).

Involving “behind the wheel” training, this program is created for drivers seeking to learn the right and safe way to operate a tandem-axle truck, as well as a gravel truck, vacuum truck, large low truck, or a garbage/recycling truck.

Lasting for 4 to 8 hours, this program trains drivers in the correct and safe method of operating Class Four Restricted vehicles such as taxis, limousines, ambulances, and specialty vehicles with a seating capacity of 10 or less, as well as Class Four Unrestricted vehicles such as school buses and special vehicles used to transport people with disabilities.

This Air Brake Course will prepare the student to pass the ICBC exam for an air brake endorsement. However, for those wishing to add the air endorsement to their existing licence, they would need additional practical training on the procedures of an air pre-trip inspection.