Instructor/Trade Training

Our instructor training programs are recognized for their high-quality courses that prioritize safe driving principles. Over the years, we have produced exceptional instructors who have gone off to share their expert knowledge or start their own driving schools.

Our Programs

Students in this program will train under Kelowna’s ICBC-certified instructors to learn about the proper safety practices for the air brake system.

For those with at least three years of driving experience, this program is a combination of theoretical and practical training on becoming a certified Class 5/7 instructor. It includes basic classes on teaching, communication, and driving laws and regulations.

This full-time 21-week program is designed to reduce the skills gap and help drivers secure or renew their Heavy Equipment Operator (Contract Service Only) certificate. It is designed for employers seeking to train their staff and review proper safety practices. Heavy Equipment Operator (Contract Service Only) is offered in groups, with a minimum of four people per group.