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3 Interesting Careers for Office Administrators

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    Key Takeaways

  • Office administrators have to develop a big picture mindset. They are trained to see segments of work that contribute to a bigger goal.
  • Office administrators can work in exciting industries such as healthcare, education, and technical administration.
  • BIt is a great way to climb the corporate ladder by knowing the ins and outs of a business.

What Can I Do with an Office Administration Degree? 

An office administration diploma or office administration certificate can help you land a role in various industries. You can become an Admission officer in schools, a technical administrator or a management and planning officer. 

An office administration program focuses on teaching individuals to thrive in the office environment. Skills such as Microsoft Office proficiency, basic bookkeeping skills, effective communication, and critical thinking are honed. 

Holders of an office administration diploma or certificate are trained to review, oversee, and carry out established procedures or processes in a business or organization. If you see yourself as a stickler for things, this is the right career for you!

Check out these 3 interesting career opportunities that you may have if you take up an office administration diploma!

School Administrator

Do you want to work for the academe? Try to become an office administrator for a college or university! Did you know that some schools offer subsidies or even free tuition for employees? In just 28 weeks, you can get a diploma in office administration. After that, you can get a job at a school and then have the opportunity to further your education. How  cool is that?

IT Administrator

The IT industry is booming in Canada, especially in Vancouver. Even if you are not an IT expert, you can still work as an office administrator. You will get the opportunity to work in a fast-paced  environment with ever changing needs. It will be an awesome challenge as an administrator to keep up with it. 

Trucking Administrator

Canada has a large demand for truck drivers and employees for the trucking industry. The industry has been identified as having  labor shortages because of the pandemic. You can enter this industry as a warehouse administrator. You can also upskill yourself and be a truck driver!

Sure Employment in Canada

Administrative officers (NOC 1221) are considered high opportunity jobs by WorkBC. This  means that there is an increase in demand for the workforce. You can earn as much as $39.00/hr. An office administration diploma or certificate can open opportunities for a rewarding career in any industry. 

The world is recovering, Canada is recovering. Help build it back by working as an office administrator for industries such as education, technology, and transportation. Have a fulfilling career as an office administrator. 

Be part of the Canadian workforce after 28 weeks with an office administration diploma!


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