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5 Jobs You Can Get With a Business Administration Diploma

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    Key Takeaways

  • A Diploma in Business Administration is a flexible program option that can be used for various business roles in the industry.
  • Some of the most in-demand jobs include business administrative assistant, sales manager, marketing associate, finance manager, and human resource coordinator.
  • The range of tasks involved per job role varies depending on the company and the goals of the organization.

Now in the post-pandemic era, getting a job has become tougher. But with businesses booming back into the picture, there might be a silver lining after all.

The best piece of news goes to those who hold a Business Administration Diploma. Being a flexible program, it opens up a lot of opportunities in the employment market.

Check out these five jobs you can get with a Business Administration Diploma.

Business Administrative Assistant

A business administrative assistant performs general office roles depending on the company. In general, their responsibilities encompass administrative duties between businesses and individuals.

Additionally, this type of job also involves clerical activities within the organization. In some instances, client-facing responsibilities are also included in the job description.

Sales Manager

Sales managers oversee salespeople and the sales strategies of an organization. They’re usually at the forefront of developing strategies and techniques to actively generate profit and new opportunities.

Beyond this, sales managers also dive into budget management and staffing activities. In line with this, they resolve customer complaints as well on products and services.

From a more general point of view, there will also be data analyses involved regarding sales. Overall, their job revolves around the assessment of the profitability of new initiatives.

Marketing Associate

As the job title implies, a marketing associate is involved in the marketing activities of a company. They help with various duties, including making marketing plans for the organization.

This type of job is more concentrated on producing marketing materials. But it also involves coordinating tasks related to promotional activities.

Depending on the company, a marketing associate can also conduct market research. While this isn’t a core duty, it may be necessary for data collection and competitor analysis.

Finance Manager

Finance managers are at the heart of an organization’s financial fitness. They’re basically the people who oversee end-to-end finance operations and decide how assets will be allocated to use resources wisely.

While those seem like straightforward tasks, a finance manager’s job can be complex. For instance, they facilitate financial transactions that often dictate a company’s success.

Of course, they also provide strategic proposals to reduce loss and maximize profit. Most of the time, they’re also tasked with making  financial reports and other statements.

Human Resources Coordinator

A human resources coordinator gets to the core of all human resource processes. They’re in an organization to promote employees’ safety and well-being by following welfare plans.

The gist of their role is to ensure that HR activities are consistent with legal regulations. This is, of course, to protect both the employee and the company from potential risks.

In addition to this, they also perform administrative tasks to provide support. Some tasks involved are record-keeping and file maintenance.

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