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School of Business
Diploma/Certificate Programs for Business, Office Administration and Hospitality
Business education is the heart of our school. We believe in the steady and purposeful integration of entrepreneurial theories and concepts into the vast opportunity of immersive learning. Our School of Business is not only committed to the academic knowledge that is tackled within the four walls of our classrooms but we also believe in exposing our students to actual business experiences.

Here are our different programs that aim to make successful entrepreneurs out of future graduates:
During this 45-week program, students undergo 1,125 hours of training managing the operational, organizational, and administrative responsibilities of a business.
This is a 28-week program with 700 hours of training. It prepares students to manage organizational and administrative responsibilities in an office setting effectively.
This 8-week (200 hours) Tourism and Hospitality Certificate course is an entry-level program that teaches participants the basics in the tourism and hospitality industry.
School of Human Studies
Diploma Programs for Community and Social Services Support
Behaviour is a fascinating concept to study and learn. The School of Human Studies builds on this and how the human experience in society is at the core of what we do. In this school, students can find choice programs that are carefully designed to focus on human studies. Students are taught to be proficient and empathic in their dealings with people from all walks of life. Our School of Human Studies is committed to the development of human society based on economic and social equity.

Here are our programs that equip students with the skills to excel in their roles of becoming social and community workers:
This is a 40-week program prepares students to manage the administrative and implementation responsibilities of a wide variety of social assistance programs and services for individuals addressing addiction and post addiction strategies.
This 32-week program prepares students to be effective social services practitioners by acquiring the knowledge, skills, and values needed to provide support to individuals, families, groups, and communities in need and who are seeking support from a variety of available assistance programs and services.
School of Transportation and Trades
Professional New Driver and Commercial Driver Training Programs and Instructor Training Programs Administered by ICBC-Certified Instructors
We are driven to encourage students toward success. Whether your goal is to obtain a career as a professional driver, or you are looking to become a certified driving instructor, we have programs you require for your chosen career. Our School of Transportation and Trades is not only designed to meet the needs of the present but to equip graduates with transferable skills they require to meet current market needs and the demands of the ever-changing workforce.
Discover your independence! With Taylor Pro College’s Class 5/Class 7 GLP, you will learn the skills and form the habits you require to become a safe, more efficient and confident driver.
Our instructor will assess student skills to determine which training package the student requires to prepare for their ICBC Class 7 road test.
Intended for students who have over 20 hours of driving practice, this package includes an assessment to determine what the student requires to prepare for the ICBC Class 7 road test.
In preparation for the ICBC Class 7 Road Test, this package includes two highway drives along with in-town lessons booked one week apart so the student has time to practice their new skills.
This package includes two highway drives, two review lessons, and a mock road test to prepare students for the ICBC Class 7 road test.
Our students can book their ICBC Road Test date with Taylor Pro College. This gives them access to our car and a 45 minute warm-up session prior to the test.
Taylor Pro College has been approved by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) to offer this mandatory program for drivers who wish to obtain a Class 1 Commercial BC Driver’s License.
This program provides training for students seeking to obtain a Class 2 license. It equips them with basic knowledge and practical skills necessary to become an entry-level bus driver.
Our Class 3 Program is created for drivers seeking to learn the correct and safe way to operate a tandem-axle truck such as a gravel truck, vacuum truck, water truck, or a garbage/recycling truck.
This program trains drivers in the correct and safe method of operating Class Four Unrestricted vehicles with a maximum seating capacity of 25 persons including the driver.
Designed for students who are enrolling in driver training to upgrade their license to a Class 2 or 3 with Air Brakes.
Designed for students wishing to add an air brake endorsement (15) to their existing license.
As an ICBC Certified Instructor Training Facility, our Kelowna Campus offers this valuable Air Brake Instructor Course.
For those with at least three years of driving experience, this program is a combination of theoretical and practical training on becoming a certified Class 5/7 instructor.
This program trains drivers in the correct and safe method of operating Class Four Unrestricted vehicles with a maximum seating capacity of 25 persons including the driver.
This program trains drivers in the correct and safe method of operating Class Four Unrestricted vehicles with a maximum seating capacity of 25 persons including the driver.
Professional, Continuing Studies
Individuals who are keen to take their career to the next level can take advantage of micro-credentials earned from professional and continuing studies at Taylor Pro College. These courses are carefully designed to provide industry-aligned learning that will increase your chances of advancing your career. Customized and made accessible for every student, these can be taken on a flexible basis depending on your preferences. With our micro-credential courses, we help you boost their confidence and empower you with skills to make meaningful contributions in the workplace. We also prepare you to be able and ready to adapt to the needs of an increasingly complex world. Choose to embark on a continuing learning journey with us and we'll help you achieve your goals through our personalized and student-centric programs.
This course will challenge popular perceptions and mythology commonly associated with addiction and addiction culture and its impact on individuals…
This course is designed to introduce students to behavior analysis techniques including assessment/analysis/intervention.
Upon completion of this course students will be able to efficiently manage their computer desktop, files located locally, across a network and in the Cloud
This course provides students with a foundation in management and maintenance practices of the physical plant and facilities of a hotel, restaurant, and/or recreation venue.
This course is designed to introduce students to the terminology, production regions, and principles of wine production, selection, and service.
This course will introduce students to the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to act as a successful leader.
This course introduces students to front office procedures from the time a reservation is made to customer checkout and account...
In a consumer conscious business environment all aspects of a hospitality operation, especially housekeeping practices, are critical to the ongoing success and growth of any one location.
This course provides students with a working knowledge of mental health issues and addictions by introducing…
This course has been designed to provide students with the skills necessary to prepare industry specific and compliant...
The course introduces the basic concepts and core topics in the study of the origins and variations in human behavior.
Students will be introduced to the pivotal role social service workers and associated support professionals play in improving...