Air Brake Course

This Air Brake Course will prepare the student to pass the ICBC exam for an air brake endorsement. However, for those wishing to add the air endorsement to their existing licence, they would need additional practical training on the procedures of an air pre-trip inspection.

The successful student will have reliably demonstrated an understanding of a basic air system as well as a dual air brake system used in air brake-equipped trailers. The student will also acquire the basic knowledge to perform an air brake pre-trip inspection. 

Admission Requirements

You must hold a BC license of any class

Graduation Requirements

You will be required to complete written exams. Students must achieve 80% to pass. They will also be required to complete a practical exam at ICBC to have the endorsement added to their license.

Potential Careers

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be eligible to obtain a class 1, 2, or 3 licenses following the required training.

Program Duration:
2 days

Air Brake Theory
Domestic Students
Tuition: CAD $145

Air Brake Assessment
Domestic Students:
Tuition: CAD $195