B.C. Class 1 Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT) Program

Taylor Pro College offers the Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT) for drivers who wish to obtain a Class 1 commercial B.C. driver’s licence. Prior to taking their Class 1 road test, drivers will need to successfully complete a MELT course first.

B.C.’s Class 1 MELT program includes practical in-yard training, on-highway driving and theoretical learning components. It highlights National Safety Code compliance for commercial vehicle safety, hours of service requirements, load securement, and other fundamentals like air brakes and professional on-highway driving skills.

Safe operating practices are underscored in the MELT program in consideration of B.C.’s mountainous geography and diverse climate conditions. The said course also highlights the unique driving conditions that can occur in other jurisdictions.

Program Outline

    1.Truck Theory – 60 Hours

  1.  Overview of the trucking industry
  2.  Health and safety
  3.  Workplace communication
  4. Vehicle components and systems
  5.  Driving techniques
  6.  Fuel-efficient driving
  7.  Signs, signals, and road marking
  8.  Defensive and cooperative driving,
  9.  Handling emergencies,
  10.  Off road tasks and manoeuvres
  11.  Documents and Regulatory requirements
  12.  Trip planning
  13.  Vehicle inspection and maintenance
  14.  Hours of service
  15.  BC air brakes Module 1 Braking Theory
  16.  BC air brakes Module 2 Main components of an air brake system
  17.  BC air brakes Module 3 Other devices and air brake accessories,
  18.  BC air brakes Module 4 Dual air brake systems
  19.  BC air Brakes Module 5 Trailer systems air brakes
  20.  Air brakes Module 6 adjustment
  21.  Air brakes pre-trip practical

    2.  In Yard activities – 37.25 hours (includes off road)

  1. Vehicle components and systems
  2. Coupling and sliding Fifth wheel
  3. Chain up
  4. Vehicle inspection actives
  5. Cargo securement and loss prevention

    3. Off road maneuvers

  1. Backing
  2. Coupling
  3. Sliding of fifth wheel and trailer axles

    4. On road driver training – 54.25 Hours

  1.  In cab drills – prepare to drive
  2.  Moving off and stopping
  3.  Basic steering
  4.  Gear changing
  5.  Observation and hazard perception
  6.  Signals and communication
  7.  Electronic and communication devices
  8.  Space and speed management
  9.  Basic vehicle dynamics
  10.  Fuel-efficient driving
  11.  Bobtailing
  12.  Unloaded trailer
  13.  Intersections
  14.  Cornering and curves
  15.  Starting – uphill and downhill
  16.  Negotiating steep grades
  17.  Auxiliary brakes
  18.  Lane changing
  19.  Passing and use of passing lane
  20.  Emergency braking
  21.  Railway crossing
  22.  City/town driving
  23.  Freeway driving
  24.  Rural highway driving and mountain roads
  25.  Night Driving
  26.  Fuel Stops
  27.  Scales and Inspection stations

    5. ICBC road test over the course of four (4) hours

  1.  Students will demonstrate their skills to a certified ICBC examiner.

Please note that the above outline is not in any specific order and will be adapted to the students to maintain a learner-centered approach.

Admission Requirements

  • Must be 19 years of age
  • Must hold an ICBC-issued Class 1 learner’s driver licence (LDL)
  • Meet all commercial driver record pre-screening requirements if applicable
  • Must qualify on required knowledge testing
  • Must meet driver medical fitness requirements and Class 1 vision standard

Program Duration:

140 hours, approximately 10 weeks

Program Cost


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