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3 Reasons To Get a Social Services Support Worker Diploma

TPC Blog Nov 2 scaled

    Key Takeaways

  • A diploma in social work can help individuals secure a well-paying career.
  • Social work deals with helping individuals, families, and communities through social and community services.
  • There are also healthcare-related services involved in social work, particularly regarding mental health awareness.

Social service workers play a tremendous role in the community, particularly with individuals, families, and groups. Through their services, people receive support through assistance programs and other related initiatives.

A diploma in the Social Services Support Worker program can introduce you to a fulfilling career. Not only that, you also get to enjoy opportunities to advance your career and secure a bright future.

Here are three reasons for pursuing this program:

Solid Employment Potential 

According to WorkBC, the annual provincial median salary of a social worker is $$77,167. The 2021 Job Bank Wage Report also posted that the average salary in social work starts at $37 per hour.

However, the B.C. Labour Market Outlook reported that the average employment growth rate in social work is relatively slow, but growing at a steady pace. From 2022 to 2031, the 10-year expected job openings are only 3,010.

Fortunately, there are job openings wherein the demand is comparatively higher. For example, from 2019 to 2028, new job openings for social workers & probation and parole officers, and related occupations are expected to total 27,100.

With a diploma in social work, you can propel yourself towards these solid opportunities and tap in-demand jobs. As long as you continue to work on your credentials, then you’ll be able to claim higher-paying jobs too. 

Understanding of Social and Community Services

Social work is different from a typical office job in various ways. For instance, social work is more involved in the community, with a better focus on welfare than on generating profit or producing new products.

Through this program, students get to learn the inner workings of community service with the interest of others in mind. Moreover, they’ll gain a better understanding of how to improve the social welfare of communities.

In addition to this, social work also goes into responding to social issues that are rather complex in nature. This may involve battles against unemployment through job placement programs and assistance plans.

On a smaller scale, social workers extend their help to individuals by introducing them to resources to alleviate their conditions. They’ll also deal with groups to help them function in society with little intervention.

Be an Asset to the Canadian Health Care System

Social workers deal with a lot of health-related issues and help individuals overcome them. One example is by having the ability to describe the effects of psychoactive chemicals on those who suffer from mental illnesses.

Social work isn’t exactly aligned with medicine, but most of the duties involve similar resources and approaches. This is particularly true when it comes to mental health and aiding individuals with this issue.

Thanks to Canada’s robust health care system, social workers have a lot of resources at their disposal. Being familiar with these things is an important skill in this field, not only to thrive, but to also be able to help others.

Wanna learn more about social and community services? Find out what we offer in our Social Services Support Worker Diploma program here at Taylor Pro College!


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