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3 Reasons to Take Business Administration in Canada

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    Key Takeaways

  • Knowledge on business administration is applicable in any industry. A diploma or certificate in Business Administration can give you flexible work opportunities.
  • Most opportunities for admin professionals are in the mainland/southwest region such as Vancouver.
  • Administrative services managers are “high opportunity” occupations in Canada.

More Work Opportunities

A business administration diploma allows students to develop skills in the following areas such as Basic Accounting, Financial Management, and Marketing and Sales. Aside from hard skills mentioned above, soft skills are also honed such as cultural sensitivity, ability to collaborate, and adaptability to be able to carry out Human Resource Management– an area of work that highly incorporates hard and soft skills. 

An individual with a business administration certificate or business administration diploma can land a job in any industry and in any place. According to WorkBC, key places where administrative services managers are hired are in the Midland /Southwest areas. Key cities are Vancouver, North Vancouver, and Langley among others. If you wish to reside in this region, consider getting a business administration diploma

Earn as High as $72.12/hr

What can a business administration diploma or certificate do for you? A holder can enjoy a basic pay of $27.83 per hour In Canada. Aside from the potential of earning well. A business administration diploma can allow you to work in any industry. Moreover, roles that require a diploma or certificate in business administration are in demand in Canada. 
Diploma courses in business administration can help you land a job under “Other administrative services managers” or NOC 0114. NOC or National Occupational Classification is a classification system used in Canada. Did you know that the Canadian government uses the NOC to see if an immigrant has a desirable skill that can contribute to the Canadian workforce?

Have a Better Chance of Joining the Canadian Workforce

“Other administrative services managers” or NOC 0114 falls under Skill Type 0 (zero): management jobs. NOC 0114 is a high opportunity occupation, meaning it is in demand. Increase your chances of having a career in Canada by taking up a business administration diploma. 

The demand for management roles for growing industries such as IT, healthcare, hospitality and transportation is poised to rise as the economy starts to recover from the effects of the pandemic. It will be wise to take up a business administration diploma in the coming months. 

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