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Supplementary Programs for Social Service Support Worker Students

Family Social Service Agencies

Correctional Facilities

Cruise Manager

Group Homes

Community Mental Health Agencies

Indigenous Agencies

Addiction Rehabilitation Centres

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Facilities

Aboriginal Agencies

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Who should Enrol ?

A social services support worker diploma is an excellent choice for individuals who are passionate about helping others and making a positive impact in their communities.

This diploma program is well-suited for :

High school graduates interested in pursuing a career in social services or human services.

Individuals who have personal or professional experience working with marginalized or vulnerable populations and want to formalize their skills and knowledge.

Professionals in related fields, such as healthcare or education, who wish to transition into social services roles.

Those with a strong sense of empathy, compassion, and patience, who enjoy working with diverse populations.

Students interested in careers that involve providing direct support and assistance to individuals and families facing challenges such as poverty, homelessness, mental illness, addiction, or disability.

Individuals seeking entry-level positions in social service agencies, community organizations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, or healthcare settings.

People who are interested in pursuing further education or specialization in social work or related fields, such as counseling or psychology.

Overall, a social services support worker diploma is ideal for individuals who are committed to making a difference in the lives of others and want to develop the practical skills and knowledge needed to succeed in various social services roles.

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