The Taylor Pro Difference

Why should you choose Taylor Pro College to prepare for your future career?

With us, you will get the training and education to:

Career-Driven Academic Programs in Business, Hospitality, and Social Work

Our academic programs respond to the constantly growing workforce needs in diverse industries, allowing our students to develop marketable skills in the following:

Addictions and Community Support Worker

This is a 40-week program with 1,030 hours of training. It prepares students to manage the administrative and implementation responsibilities of a wide variety of social assistance programs and services for individuals addressing addiction and post addiction strategies.

40 weeks

Learn to effectively manage the administrative and implementation responsibilities of social assistance programs and services targeted at addiction and post-addiction strategies.

33 weeks

Gear up to be an effective social services practitioner by acquiring the knowledge, skills, and values needed to support individuals, families, groups, and communities in need.

45 weeks

Equip yourself with the know-how to effectively manage operational, organizational, and administrative responsibilities of a business as well as key functional areas of financial management, marketing, and strategic planning.

28 weeks

Become an expert in the organizational and administrative responsibilities in an office setting, including computer fundamentals, business communication, and a wide range of professional skills.

38 weeks

Gain a solid conceptual and practical foundation in basic industry accounting, food and beverage services, and facilities management, to name a few areas

28 weeks

Get specialized skills needed to thrive in the tourism and hospitality industry, including basic industry accounting, food and beverage and services administration.

8 weeks

This 8-week, 200-hour course is an entry-level program that teaches participants the basics in the tourism and hospitality industry.

BC's One-Stop Center in Driver Training

Our instructors have many years of experience both on and off highways. Our wide variety of Driver Training Programs includes Class 5/7 through Class 1, responding to your specific needs and targeted skill set.

Since our first cohort of graduates, we have provided the commercial industry with a large number of well-trained students. Today they are employed gainfully as safe, responsible, and reliable drivers and industry professionals.

Students in this area have rosy prospects, as the truck transportation industry is expected to expand its workforce continually over the next 10 years leading up to 2025. The industry alone is projected to have 11,740 job openings over the 2015 to 2025 period. Most of these job openings – or an astounding 90 percent – are a result of the need to replace workers leaving the labour force.

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