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Tourism and Hospitality Certificate

This 8-week (200 hours) certificate course in Tourism and Hospitality Management is an entry-level program that teaches participants the basics in the tourism and hospitality industry. The tourism and hospitality industry is amongst the largest contributors to the BC economy and there is a lack of skilled workers for most of these positions. This hospitality and tourism certificate program is suited for people who have never had basic training in clerical, tourism, hospitality and require basic training to start their careers in the industry.
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Applicant Name
Course Info
Module Title
Introduction to Workplace English
Instruction: Classroom
Learning Objectives:
  • Essential Punctuation and Salutation Skills
  • Basic Sentence Structure
Introduction to Workplace Math
Instruction: Classroom
Learning Objectives:                   
  • Basic Math Computations
  • Utilize Various Calculations & Mathematics Essentials
Introduction to Communication
Instruction: Classroom
Learning Objectives:
  • Effective Verbal Communication Skills
  • Basic Written Communication Skills
  • Essential Customer Service Skills
Introduction to Computers
Instruction: Classroom/Lab Learning 
  • Understanding Computer Tools 
  • Introduction to Windows
  • Understanding Email 
  • Introduction to Microsoft Word
  • Introduction to the Internet
  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel
Introduction to Hospitality
Instruction: Classroom
Learning Objectives:
  • Hospitality and Society Today
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Treating Tourism as a Profession
  • Utilizing Human Resources
  • Introduction to Banquet and Room Service
Introduction to Tourism Marketing
Instruction: Classroom/Lab
Learning Objectives:
  • Proper Food Handling and Storage
  • Food Identification
  • Demonstrate Practical Service
  • Highlight Appropriate Customer Interactions
Introduction to Wine
Instruction: Classroom/Lab
Learning Objectives:
  • Demonstrate Practical Service of Wine
  • List the Types of Wine
  • Understanding Wine Pairings
Career Skills
Instruction: Classroom
Learning Objectives:
  • Design Effective Resume
  • Design Effective Cover Letter
  • Demonstrate Professional Interview Skills
Program Duration
8 weeks / 200 Hours
Credentials Provided
Fees: International-Domestic Students
Tuition: CAD $6,850
Application Fee: CAD $250
Assessment Fee: CAD $250
Text Books: CAD $300
Course Materials: CAD $150
Other: CAD $175
The Tourism and Hospitality Certificate program was reviewed and approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.