Providing exceptional
Education and Skilled Students
throughout the Okanagan
Valley and beyond since 2003

We take pride in our formidable line-up of academic courses and
driver training programs developed with painstaking care, expertise,
and closely attuned to the steadily growing market demand.

With Taylor Pro College, you can easily transition into other careers in
tourism, hospitality, business, warehousing, and driving.

Driver Training Program

Taylor Pro Training offers a complete range of driver training solutions, from Class 5/7 – New Drivers to Class 1 – Advanced
Professional Driver Development with Mountain Training.

Trades Training Programs

Driver Training, Parts & Warehousing, and Heavy Equipment Operations Programs that have helped create confident drivers who value safe driving practices, produce skilled and highly productive professionals, and raise company performance through employer training solutions.

Student Testimonials

Build your confidence in driving,
heavy equipment operations.
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