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Why Study in Vancouver?
Vancouver is the third-largest city in Canada with one of the highest quality of life across the country and the world. An urban city, it’s an excellent tourist destination for the endless surprises it offers. The city’s mild climate and multi-cultural makeup are just among the many things that define this diverse region.
Often pitched as the “Hollywood of the North”, Vancouver’s global fame can be traced back to its beautiful sceneries. The laid-back west coast atmosphere is among its most attractive features. But on top of it all, the vast opportunities for study and work tempt thousands of people from across Canada and all over the world to Vancouver.
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Programs and micro-credentials at Taylor Pro College are developed to meet the demands of the growing market. Study with us and gain valuable skills from seasoned instructors and enjoy exceptional opportunities to advance your career.
Diploma/Certificate Programs
During this 45-week program, students undergo 1,125 hours of training managing the operational, organizational, and administrative responsibilities of a business.
This is a 28-week program with 700 hours of training. It prepares students to manage organizational and administrative responsibilities in an office setting effectively.
This 8-week (200 hours) Tourism and Hospitality Certificate course is an entry-level program that teaches participants the basics in the tourism and hospitality industry.
This 32-week program prepares students to be effective social services practitioners by acquiring the knowledge, skills, and values needed to provide support to individuals, families, groups, and communities in need and who are seeking support from a variety of available assistance programs and services.
This is a 40-week program prepares students to manage the administrative and implementation responsibilities of a wide variety of social assistance programs and services for individuals addressing addiction and post addiction strategies.
This course will challenge popular perceptions and mythology commonly associated with addiction and addiction culture and its impact on individuals…
This course is designed to introduce students to behavior analysis techniques including assessment/analysis/intervention.
Upon completion of this course students will be able to efficiently manage their computer desktop, files located locally, across a network and in the Cloud
This course provides students with a foundation in management and maintenance practices of the physical plant and facilities of a hotel, restaurant, and/or recreation venue.
This course is designed to introduce students to the terminology, production regions, and principles of wine production, selection, and service.
This course will introduce students to the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to act as a successful leader.
This course introduces students to front office procedures from the time a reservation is made to customer checkout and account...
In a consumer conscious business environment all aspects of a hospitality operation, especially housekeeping practices, are critical to the ongoing success and growth of any one location.
This course provides students with a working knowledge of mental health issues and addictions by introducing…
This course has been designed to provide students with the skills necessary to prepare industry specific and compliant...
The course introduces the basic concepts and core topics in the study of the origins and variations in human behavior.
Students will be introduced to the pivotal role social service workers and associated support professionals play in improving...
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Features and Benefits
Quality academic programs and micro-credential courses
Top-notch education is at your fingertips through our broad spectrum of academic programs and micro-credentials. Every program is designed to yield outstanding learning outcomes through more accessible and inclusive learning spaces.
Smaller class sizes
Taylor Pro College is committed to providing individual attention for student growth and progress. Our small class size enables us to closely assess students' needs and aid them in their study journey.
Develop skills to become job ready for the growing market demand
Our institution serves as a pipeline to launch graduates into the workforce. Every program enables students to expand their employability potential and broaden their competence in a diverse industry.
1 Learn from experienced industry professionals
Prepare for a niche or a specialized career
Be equipped with in-demand skills and transform into an indispensable asset in the workforce. Tap into any specialized industry and work your dream job with stable pay and competitive benefits.
3 Career jumpstart in in-demand industries_
Career jumpstart in in-demand industries
Become any kind of professional you want after earning the right experience and credentials. Taylor Pro College’s catalog of programs and courses can launch you into these new and in-demand industries.