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Why Study in Vernon?
Vernon is nestled within the Okanagan region of British Columbia, bordered by beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes, and valleys. As a rising tourist destination, the city is anchored in its growing tourism sector among other diversified economies. Enjoying four seasons a year, residents have countless opportunities for recreation and adventure.
Located in southern British Columbia, Vernon is considered a key economic engine for the agriculture sector in the region. Moreover, there is also growing expansion in the tourism and manufacturing industries. Its forest products sector is also a major source of employment for professionals in the area.
Our Vernon location sets our students up for a closer path to success. With the increasing need for younger workers, our institution can serve as an avenue for the local talent pipeline, potentially meeting these employment gaps.
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Explore Campus Programs
Programs at Taylor Pro College are developed to meet the demands of the growing market. Study with us and gain valuable skills from seasoned instructors and enjoy exceptional opportunities to advance your career.
Professional New Driver and Commercial Driver Training Programs and Instructor Training Programs Administered by ICBC-Certified Instructors
New Driver Training Courses
Discover your independence! With Taylor Pro College’s Class 5/Class 7 GLP, you will learn the skills and form the habits you require to become a safe, more efficient and confident driver.
Our instructor will assess student skills to determine which training package the student requires to prepare for their ICBC Class 7 road test.
Intended for students who have over 20 hours of driving practice, this package includes an assessment to determine what the student requires to prepare for the ICBC Class 7 road test.
In preparation for the ICBC Class 7 Road Test, this package includes two highway drives along with in-town lessons booked one week apart so the student has time to practice their new skills.
This package includes two highway drives, two review lessons, and a mock road test to prepare students for the ICBC Class 7 road test.
Our students can book their ICBC Road Test date with Taylor Pro College. This gives them access to our car and a 45 minute warm-up session prior to the test.
Commercial Driver Training
Taylor Pro College has been approved by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) to offer this mandatory program for drivers who wish to obtain a Class 1 Commercial BC Driver’s License.
This program provides training for students seeking to obtain a Class 2 license. It equips them with basic knowledge and practical skills necessary to become an entry-level bus driver.
Our Class 3 Program is created for drivers seeking to learn the correct and safe way to operate a tandem-axle truck such as a gravel truck, vacuum truck, water truck, or a garbage/recycling truck.
This program trains drivers in the correct and safe method of operating Class Four Unrestricted vehicles with a maximum seating capacity of 25 persons including the driver.
Instructor Training
Designed for students who are enrolling in driver training to upgrade their license to a Class 2 or 3 with Air Brakes.
Designed for students wishing to add an air brake endorsement (15) to their existing license.
As an ICBC Certified Instructor Training Facility, our Kelowna Campus offers this valuable Air Brake Instructor Course.
For those with at least three years of driving experience, this program is a combination of theoretical and practical training on becoming a certified Class 5/7 instructor.
This program trains drivers in the correct and safe method of operating Class Four Unrestricted vehicles with a maximum seating capacity of 25 persons including the driver.
This program trains drivers in the correct and safe method of operating Class Four Unrestricted vehicles with a maximum seating capacity of 25 persons including the driver.
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Unique Offerings
ICBC-approved driver training programs
Robust driver’s education is guaranteed as we provide ICBC-approved driver training programs for all students. Rest assured that you will hone your driving skills with the assistance of an ICBC-licensed instructor.
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Prepare for a niche or a specialized career
Be equipped with
in-demand skills and transform into an indispensable asset in the workforce. Tap into any specialized industry and work your dream job with stable pay and competitive benefits.
Smaller class sizes
Taylor Pro College is committed to providing individual attention for student growth and progress. Our small class size enables us to closely assess students' needs and aid them in their study journey.
Develop students' skills to become job-ready for the growing market demand
Our college serves as a pipeline to launch graduates into the workforce. Every program enables students to expand their employability potential and broaden their competence in a diverse industry.
3 Career jumpstart in in demand industries
Jumpstart a career in the trades and other in-demand industries
Become a professional driver. Taylor Pro College’s catalog of driver training programs can launch you into new and in-demand industries.